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Posted by hockeyfreak | 7 Sep, 2006
    We have something here called TV-Pucken.It's a national tournament for boys at the age of 16.They changed it a couple of years ago from 15 to 16.

    Many people think we shouldn't have it anymore.For many young players it's a catastrophe not to be choosen and some of them probably quit playing because of it.
    Others wants it to remain,they consider it to be an important goal for those who really wish to go in for hockey.

    I wonder why they still call it TV-Pucken btw,only the semifinals and the final is on television.They used to show all the games.

    More info about it here

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2 comments & 0 Trackbacks of "TV-Pucken"

    Jag har alltid tittat på tv-pucken, och tycker att den ska finnas kvar!!
    Ha nu en fin dag och sköt om dig.

    Posted by Vicke 08 Sep 2006, 07:00

    Det har jag också!Den kanske mest är för publiken.
    Sköt om dig du med :)

    Posted by hockeyfreak 08 Sep 2006, 08:20