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Ceska Pojistovna Cup Winners

Posted by hockeyfreak | 4 Sep, 2006

    As some of you know i've had a really bad cold here with high fever and yesterday i thought i was feeling better.I guess i wasn't,i slept through both games lol.
    After i read B-Ĺ Gustafsson saying that Finland ate us during first period i believe i didn't miss much.
    Hope we tasted well %¤#"%&/"¤%¤ ,rats! hehe.

    And Russia (who won Euro Hockey Tour last year)
    won not only the game against the czechs but also
    Ceska Cup.

    Sunday 3rd:
    Sweden-Finland 2-3
    Czech Republic-Russia 3-4

    1. Russia, 8 PTS
    2. Finland, 4 PTS
    3. Sweden, 4 PTS
    4. Czech Republic, 2 PTS

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