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Mats Sundin Autograph

Posted by hockeyfreak | 30 Aug, 2006

    My son came home today holding up a piece of paper.

    He says:Guess what this is?
    -Well it looks like an autograph,but i don't know who's autograph it is.
    -Look at the number written he says.
    -13...Mats...Mats Oneofthegreatestplayeriknow Sundin?
    -Where did you get it??
    -Well he was on ice with Djurgården today.
    You can have it mom.
    -Awww,we can have it together i said.
    -I have 2 more (big smile from him).
    -Okkk lol.Thank you very very much!!

    That's so great,big players takes time for the younger ones even though Mats was in a hurry.

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    mats sundin i really want to meet you and get a autgraph. you are the greatest hockey player.

    Posted by elise 09 Mar 2008, 17:26

    i've never been to a hockey game.Me and my sister always watch TV when the leafs are on

    Posted by elise 09 Mar 2008, 17:28