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Jan Hrdina

Posted by hockeyfreak | 29 Aug, 2006

    Oh my.

    Jan Hrdina,30,is going to play with HV71.
    It's going to be interesting to follow him.

    Edit 30/8.Seriously,i'll say it again,interesting to follow him.He will
    be one of the highest payed players since Elitserien started.
    460.000 swedish crones... a month no taxes!

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    I was just wondering,

    You are saying that Jan Hrdina will be making 460.000 a month in Swedish Crones. Doesn't that convert to $62.00 a month in U.S. dollars? I just cannot believe that he would leave the U.S. where he was making more than a million a year to go play in Sweden for $62.00. Please tell me that I am wrong.

    Posted by poo girl 04 Oct 2006, 19:34