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Ceska Pojistovna Cup More Info

Posted by hockeyfreak | 25 Aug, 2006

    Here is the swedish team for the cup

    Edit.Jan Sandström not playing cause of injury.
    Sanny Lindström, Timrå IK takes his place.

    Joakim Eriksson,Linköping plays instead of
    Andreas Johansson,Färjestad.

    David Petrasek replaces an injured Sanny Lindström.

    Johan Backlund, Timrå
    Daniel Henriksson, Färjestad

    Anton Strålman, Timrå
    Hans Jonsson Modo
    Magnus Johansson, Linköping
    Jan Sandström, Luleå
    Andreas Holmqvist, Linköping
    Kenny Jönsson, Rögle
    Tobias Viklund, Modo
    Tony Mårtensson, Linköping
    Sanny Lindström, Timrå IK

    Andreas Johansson, Färjestad
    Karl Fabricius, Luleå
    Mathias Månsson, Brynäs
    Per Hallin, Timrå
    Nicklas Bäckström, Brynäs
    Fredrik Emvall, Linköping
    Kenneth Bergqvist, Mora
    Mika Hannula, HV71
    Johan Davidsson, HV71
    Stefan Pettersson, HV71
    Fredrik Warg, Timrå

    You can still go to and read about the cup.
    And i hope they will have results there too,otherwise i'll come back
    with more info on that.

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11 comments & 0 Trackbacks of "Ceska Pojistovna Cup More Info"

    No one from Fröludna??? Boooooooo! I may just have to root for the Finns! (KIDDING!!!)

    I thought Hannula was suspended for slashing Crosby during the WC?

    Posted by Lauren 22 Aug 2006, 02:39

    Hey now lol,it's S w e d e n!

    Hannula is suspended from the first 4 games
    in Moscow 2007 WC.They are going to file an
    appeal though.

    Posted by Hockeyfreak 22 Aug 2006, 08:10

    Vi får hålla tummarna att det går bra för våra grabbar!!!
    Ha en fin dag nu

    Posted by Vicke 23 Aug 2006, 15:14

    Håller alla 5 tummar jag har lol.
    Ha det jättebra du med,syns på bloggen :)

    Posted by Hockeyfreak 23 Aug 2006, 16:32

    Yeay! Sanny! :)
    Det ska bli såååå kul när hockeyn drar igång ordentligt! :D
    Hoppas du får en kalasfin helg! :D

    Posted by vhcfan 25 Aug 2006, 13:06

    Visst blir det!Har lite fullt upp här men får lägga det åt sidan när det kör igång lol.

    Välkommen tillbaka förresten :)

    Posted by Hockeyfreak 25 Aug 2006, 20:36

    Is Jan Sandström related to Tomas Sandström? I'm guessing that's a pretty popular last name though...

    Posted by Lauren 25 Aug 2006, 22:56

    Klart finnarna tar det.. eller ? :-)

    Posted by Jari 26 Aug 2006, 01:03

    Lauren! I don't think so,but not sure.
    Good answer eh lol.

    Jari! eller...inte lol.

    Posted by Hockeyfreak 27 Aug 2006, 13:08

    Jari must have run a bulldozer over the
    site again :)

    Posted by Hockeyfreak 27 Aug 2006, 13:09

    Can't post,but ya can't stop me from posting here hehe.

    After this weekend i'm both tired,deaf and in need of my blog! lol.Omg,how long has it been since i was to a concert.Heavy Metal concerts with bands like Scorpions,Def Leppard,Ozzy etc etc.Yesterday was nothing near it but it was great anyways.We sat,and sat,then sat again (for hours)just to stand in the front row.
    It payed off though,saw some of our greatest artists here in Sweden.Eric Gadd,P Isaksson,Helena Paparizou! and of course "our"
    Carola along with many others.Also,Shayne (pant,
    pant) Ward.And all for free,ty for that Rix Fm.

    And today,adrenalin,i said adreeenalin *s*.To the
    tones of "Runaway" Jon Bon Jovi(did i need to say that?)Then,here we gooo,hockeygame started.
    They lost :( But was a good game.

    Yes,i'm bored.

    Posted by Hockeyfreak 27 Aug 2006, 22:01