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Hockeysticks and confusing conversations

Posted by hockeyfreak | 20 Aug, 2006

    Confusing conversations with son.

    My son came out in the kitchen with 2 hockeysticks.
    I had never seen them before so i asked
    -Are these new?
    -No,they are made of wood.
    -Uh huh.

    An other time i was on phone with him.I asked
    if they had been riding the motorbike yet.
    -No,it needs to be fixed first.
    -Oh it's broken?
    -No,it's antique.

    When i'm at it i'll throw in this conversation with my daughter as well,
    nothing to do with hockey though.(Conversation,ha)
    Me trying to wake her up in the morning:
    -Honey,wake up.Kissing her on the cheek.
    -It's 7 am and you need to get up.
    -What do you want for breakfast?
    -jeuindloeij (something)
    -huh? do you want a sandwich to go with that? (Starting to smile here)
    -(Big kiss)you really need to wake up now or you will be late
    -yes mmmm
    -You need to get up and go to that school.(we can see the school from our window).Omg,they just burned down the whole school!!!
    Opening her eyes just a little bit,looking at me.Goes mmm again,close
    her eyes.
    I gave up,i went in the kitchen and started laughing.10 minutes later,
    no problem waking her.

    Bye :)