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Memorial Cup Ivan Hlinka

Posted by hockeyfreak | 11 Aug, 2006

Edit 11/8.They don't seem to be updating so fast.I have 3 results
from yesterdays game,all i found.
Switzerland-Sweden 3-5
Slovakia-Canada 1-4
Czech Republic-USA 3-4

A lot of people seems to be looking for Memorial Cup of Ivan Hlinka.

I assume you want to know the results.Not easy to find them but i
found a site that has results and you can also follow the games online.
SZ´LH ,and Swehockey has results too.

The games that were played 8th of Aug.

Canada-Switzerland 5-3
USA-Finland 3-2
Slovakia-Sweden 1-2

Bye for now.

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2006 Memorial of Ivan Hlinka

Posted by hockeyfreak | 7 Jul, 2006

2006 Memorial Cup of Ivan Hlinka will be held at 8-12th of August.
Team 18:s headcoach Lars Lindgren has picked the team now.

They mention that the players in this team are short.
What's wrong with short,skate fast,between the other players legs then score.Piece of cake!

Reminds me of a friend in school.She was very short,they used to tease her and say:"You are so short you have to stand on your toes to reach the carpet".

Anyway,you can find the Team 18 for the cup here,at the bottom of the page.

See u!

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