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Nordic Trophy Winners

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Sep, 2006

Färjestad won Nordic Trophy 2006 by beating Kärpät in the final 5-1
(2-0,1-0,2-1).First goal came already after 12 seconds!
4.000 people saw the game in Löfbergs Lila Arena.

Ain't nothing stopping these guys huh...
Congrats Färjestad!!

Picture from FärjestadsBK (Shop) till you drop lol.

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Todays Nordic Trophy

Posted by hockeyfreak | 5 Sep, 2006

4.136 people (yes i have a big family) saw Djurgården win against Frölunda today.It was a good game,entertaining with fast game.It wasn't enough though for them to reach finals.They had to take 1 more point than Kärpät or 2 more points than Färjestad which they didn't.Both Kärpät and Färjestad won their games.

I think Frölundas Jonas Ahnelöv must have broken a finger in a fight,it sure seemed to be pointing in the wrong direction.Didn't look nice at all.

I asked my son who he thought was the best player in Djurgården today and he picked Martin Lindman.

Finals on September 9th Färjestad-Kärpät.

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Nordic Trophy standings and games

Posted by hockeyfreak | 30 Aug, 2006
Not so many games left in Nordic Trophy.

1/9 HIFK- Tappara
4/9 Tappara-Kärpät
5/9 Djurgården-Frölunda


Färjestad 10 PTS
Djurgården 9 PTS
Kärpät 7 PTS
Linköping 7 PTS
Frölunda 6 PTS
Tappara 5 PTS

Final is being played 9/9.

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Nordic Trophy starts

Posted by hockeyfreak | 7 Aug, 2006

Hi everyone!

Nordic Trophy starts tomorrow.The first teams
to play are:


Read more about Nordic Trophy or see the results

May the best team win...

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Nordic Trophy

Posted by hockeyfreak | 14 Jul, 2006
Hi everyone.

There's a tourney coming up in a month,called Nordic Trophy.
I'm counting on you all to be here cause i know you're all dying
to see Sweden against Finland,right?

Now i have almost just started my website,it's far from done
but i wrote a little about this tourney,you can find it here

I was thinking earlier,yes i was,many times when i'm watching a hockeygame on Tv i turn off the sound and put on the radio instead and listen to the commentators (hope that's the right word) instead.
Get more into the game,feel the excitement,yell a little (a lot).

Off i go,take care out there.

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