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Hockeysticks and confusing conversations

Posted by hockeyfreak | 20 Aug, 2006

Confusing conversations with son.

My son came out in the kitchen with 2 hockeysticks.
I had never seen them before so i asked
-Are these new?
-No,they are made of wood.
-Uh huh.

An other time i was on phone with him.I asked
if they had been riding the motorbike yet.
-No,it needs to be fixed first.
-Oh it's broken?
-No,it's antique.

When i'm at it i'll throw in this conversation with my daughter as well,
nothing to do with hockey though.(Conversation,ha)
Me trying to wake her up in the morning:
-Honey,wake up.Kissing her on the cheek.
-It's 7 am and you need to get up.
-What do you want for breakfast?
-jeuindloeij (something)
-huh? do you want a sandwich to go with that? (Starting to smile here)
-(Big kiss)you really need to wake up now or you will be late
-yes mmmm
-You need to get up and go to that school.(we can see the school from our window).Omg,they just burned down the whole school!!!
Opening her eyes just a little bit,looking at me.Goes mmm again,close
her eyes.
I gave up,i went in the kitchen and started laughing.10 minutes later,
no problem waking her.

Bye :)


Posted by hockeyfreak | 14 Jul, 2006

Interesting.When you search on Google you can
end up just anywhere.
Someone found me when searching for
"Sweden and beautiful people".

Well,what can i say,they came to the right place.


Added a category

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Jul, 2006

I added a category because i get what i call cross-thoughts.Not cross-checking,cross-thoughts.These are things that pops up when i am writing my posts here sometimes.(Well i write my posts everytime but anyway).Omg,i am in such a giggling mood today.And...these thoughts are really not about hockey that's why i post them here so you can easily avoid them.

It's morning and i was writing about Jens Karlsson.And the name Jens brought me back to our Swedish Idol.You know,like American Idol where people sing and hope to be famous.There's always (never fails) someone who sticks out a bit.Can be someone who really can't sing or someone who's aware of that he/she can't sing but wants to be on TV.
That's where Jens comes in.Cute little guy,girls probably like him a lot.But the voice...

Anyway this Jens,he kept hanging in there.Other ones who could really sing they kept on going home,bye bye see ya.

Jens stayed.

And the longer he stayed i think most of us got more and more pissed and wondered what the h... is going on here.

It turned out to be this way,they had started a "Save Jens-campaign" on the net.To keep him in the program because a lot of people disliked a person in the jury and wanted to get to him.They wanted a real crappy singer to win so he would make less money on the cd:s cause noone would buy them.Obviously they had a lot of people voting for him.
Poor Jens,poor us.

What i wanted to say with this is that i started to really dislike that name lol,called him Jöns (silly).Well the show is over and my favorite won.