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TV-Pucken Part II

Posted by hockeyfreak | 10 Sep, 2006

Games has been played all weekend with lots and lots of goals.Numbers like 9-0,12-0 etc!

Teams qualified for quarterfinals are:

Stockholm Vit

Quarterfinals are being played 22/9.Semifinals 23/9 and final 24/9.
These games can also be followed online at statsswehockey

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Posted by hockeyfreak | 7 Sep, 2006
We have something here called TV-Pucken.It's a national tournament for boys at the age of 16.They changed it a couple of years ago from 15 to 16.

Many people think we shouldn't have it anymore.For many young players it's a catastrophe not to be choosen and some of them probably quit playing because of it.
Others wants it to remain,they consider it to be an important goal for those who really wish to go in for hockey.

I wonder why they still call it TV-Pucken btw,only the semifinals and the final is on television.They used to show all the games.

More info about it here

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Hockey and church?

Posted by hockeyfreak | 10 Aug, 2006

In this paper Dagen you can read that Leksands hockeyschool goes to church.Since it's in swedish i will write a little about what it says then say what i thought when i read it.
The swedish church and Leksands hockeyschool has co-operated for 10 years.The church has a project called "100 percent".
They work together with the kids so that they will get to know each other better,to be a good friend and learn how to co-operate both off and on ice.

Sofie (who works with these kids) say that she doesn't think that they contribute anything that the coaches could not teach.They don't talk about God.

Johan Hedberg is there to tell them how he,in their age worked hard to reach the goals of his dreams-to play in NHL.
Now i don't have anything against this.What i'm wondering
though is why the church is involved.
There should be time to talk about these issues on the camp.
Since i understand from reading this these are older kids who probably plays hockey or plan on doing so.And when they do,
they learn these things from the coaches.

The kids in lots of schools here can't go to church anymore at
breaking-up day because we have people from many countries here with an other religion and it would be wrong to them.I think it's sad
but i'm fine with it.
Some schools do not sing our national anthem for the same reason.Having a swedish flag is not good either.

So what is the difference between kids in school and
kids that plays hockey.
Are there no kids in hockeyschool that has an other religion?
I myself don't believe in God but i do think it's very nice to have a swedish flag to show that i'm proud of my country.I like to sing the national anthem for the same reason.For all of us swedes,everyone who lives here no matter what religion they are.
And i want our kids to go to church,yes,i don't believe and maybe lots of other parents don't either but i want to give the kids a chanse to choose themselves.Besides it's wonderful to just be in church,it's beautiful,the sound is great etc.

So i'm really curious about why they do this in church,what they do if a
player has an other religion and what the difference is between the kids that can and can't.

Bye for now.

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