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Milan and Paul

Posted by hockeyfreak | 6 Sep, 2006
Malmö Redhawks has signed a 1-year contract with the slovakian player Milan Bartovic,25.Last season he played 24 games with Chicago Blackhawks.

Linköpings HC signed contract with the canadian player Paul Healy,31.He played 2 games with Colorado Avalanche and 59 games with AHL-team Lowell Lock Monster last season.

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Jan Hrdina

Posted by hockeyfreak | 29 Aug, 2006

Oh my.

Jan Hrdina,30,is going to play with HV71.
It's going to be interesting to follow him.

Edit 30/8.Seriously,i'll say it again,interesting to follow him.He will
be one of the highest payed players since Elitserien started.
460.000 swedish crones... a month no taxes!

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Ryan,Martin and Tomas

Posted by hockeyfreak | 19 Aug, 2006

Some news in thehockeyworld.

Frölunda Indians has signed a 1-year contract with the
slovakian player Martin Cibak,26.
Last season he played 65 games with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Became Stanley Cup-champion 2004 with Tampa.

Mora signed contract with the canadian player Ryan Jardine,26.
Last season he played with Hamburg Freezers (Germany)
Has played mostly in AHL.NHL 8 games (Florida Panthers).

Luleå HF signed contract with Tomas Surovy,25 who recently
played in AHL.
He also did 126 NHL-games with Pittsburgh.

I wish them all gl in their new teams.I feel like being nice today.

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Players come and go

Posted by hockeyfreak | 15 Aug, 2006
Hi beautiful people

Finally the rain has come and it's not so hot here anymore.
Even the junior players are on ice now.
We can begin the countdown if you haven't already...
Off to Malmö.

Well,i'm not going there but Andrej is.
Andrej Nedorost,26,has signed a 1-year contract with Malmö Redhawks.
Last season he played both in Hamburg (36 games) and also in Karlovy Vary (5 games).
Played 28 games in NHL (Columbo Blue Jackets)

Jonas Soling,28,will not be playing with Linköpings HC next season.He's been looking for other alternatives since he doesn't get enough time on ice.Maybe he will show up in an other team in Elitserien.

Jonathan Hedström,28,signed a 4-year contract with Timrå IK.
He played there 2004/2005.
Last season he played in NHL (Anaheim Mighty Ducks).

That's all from me except i think you should look at Ingmars blog about some mf:s playing golf.He cusses a lot (which i never do...of course not) but he has cool pictures.

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Ross Lupaschuk

Posted by hockeyfreak | 31 Jul, 2006

Malmö Redhawks signed contract with the canadian player Ross Lupaschuk,25.He played in Mora last season where he was the best defenseman with 31 points.Here's where that russian muffin come in
again,hehe,with 168 minutes in the penaltybox.

Tc :)

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Johnny Oduya

Posted by hockeyfreak | 26 Jul, 2006

New Jersey Devils has signed a contract with Johnny Oduya (Frölunda).

He has also played in Djurgården where he was considered
being a little of a ruffian.
(Is that really a word,found it in my excellent dict.sounds more
like a russian muffin lol.)

Have a nice day!

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Rickard Wallin

Posted by hockeyfreak | 23 Jul, 2006

Hello out there!

Hope you're having a wonderful time with lots of sun...We got down
to the lake earlier today just in time to get struck by lightning.Ok,not
really but my timing is not always perfect.

Switzerland is fortunate to have a Färjestads-player coming to play in
Lugano,Rickard Wallin,26.They have signed a 1-year contract with him.He will team up with players such as Jukka Hentunen from Finland and the american Landon Wilsom.

Take care for now :)

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Robert Döme

Posted by hockeyfreak | 18 Jul, 2006
Robert Döme,27,slovakian player signed contract with MODO.
He has played in SSK and NHL (Pittsburgh Penguins).
It's a 2-year contract.
Last season he played in Nürnberg Ice Tigers (Germany).

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Jiri Becik

Posted by hockeyfreak | 13 Jul, 2006

Bloggsite had a servercrash,i'm so happy my posts are still here.
Except for the last one i wrote but i have it here.

Brynäs gets a new player.They signed a 1 year contract with Jiri
Bicek,28 (Slovakia).Bicek played with Leksand last season
where he made 28 points in 50 games.

He has also played in NHL (New Jersey Devils).Wonder why they call themselves devils,perhaps someone can tell me.

Speaking of tell me,i'm still asking pretty plz if anyone could send me,(does not have to be much written) a little about how much juniorplayers practice in other countries.

Hej då (bye) :)

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Jens Karlsson

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Jul, 2006

HV71:s Jens Karlsson,23,signed a contract with the german DEL-team Iserlohner Rooster.It's a 1 year contract.
He made a total of 17 points in 45 games last season.
He has also played in Frölunda.

From Sweden to Germany.My family's from Germany way back.Never been there though but maybe one day.My son is learning german in school at the moment,it's very similar to our language.

Bye for now!

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Thomas Harant and more

Posted by hockeyfreak | 5 Jul, 2006

I wrote about Thomas Harant before,now he's leaving Mora to play in NHL instead.But Mora found a replacement in the czech player Miroslav Blatak.

HV71 loses 2 players to NHL.Andreas Karlsson,31 (Tampa Bay)
and Lars Jonsson,24 (Philadelphia Flyers).

And now to what i think will be a great player for Frölunda Indians.
Paul Kariyas brother Steve,28,signed contract with them.
Kariya played last 2 seasons in Finland (Ilves Tampere and Espoo Blues).

Take care :)

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Midsummer and Radek Duda

Posted by hockeyfreak | 24 Jun, 2006
Hi everyone.

Us swedes have been celebrating midsummer as we do every year
at this time.Eat good food like "sill"(herring) and potatoe,take a "snaps"(dram,snaps,schnapps,you name it lol).Can't take too many though,you have to be able to dance around that silly tree.

Silly,not my words.An american said that when i tried to explain
what we're celebrating over here,and i can agree that it looks a bit funny sometimes when we're jumping around the "midsommarstång". That's the word for the tree btw lol.

Brings me to my next subject which is hockey.
What are you saying,trees don't make you think about hockey?

Radek Duda,27,a czech player signed contract with Malmö Redhawks.Duda has played with HC Sparta Prag,Banik Sokolov,Regina Pats,Lethbridge Hurricanes,HC Slavia Prag and the russian team Ak Bars Kazan.
Dang,can't that man make up his mind what team to
play in...

Bye for now and tc :)

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Maria Rooth

Posted by hockeyfreak | 22 Jun, 2006

Hello all you beautiful people.

Not often i get a chanse to say anything about womens hockey
but today i do.

One of the worlds best hockeyplayers,Maria Rooth,27,leaves
M/B hockey for AIK.
Maria has 1 silver and 1 bronze medal from the Olympics
and 2 goldmedals won with M/B,Mälarhöjden.

Have a nice day,i got to go :)

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Him and other things again :)

Posted by hockeyfreak | 18 Jun, 2006

Hi hockeylovers!

I wrote about Per Ledin yesterday.His dreams of playing in NHL might not come true because of problems with the contract.Hope they get that worked out.

Lasse Pirjetä,32,(from Finland) signed contract with Malmö.
He has played NHL-hockey in Pittsburg Penguins and Columbus
Blue Jackets.Last season he played with EHC Kloten in Switzerland.

MODO loses Rastislav Pavlikovsky,29, to the swiss team ZSC Lions.

And here's a cool one (my oppinion again,i'm allowed to have one since it's my blog):

Ulf Dahlén,39,new assisting coach for Dallas Stars.
He will work with Dave Tippet,43,who has lead the team
since spring 2002.
Ulf spent 6 seasons with Dallas,but has never won Stanley
Cup as a player,maybe he will as an assisting coach :)

That's all for now.Take care out there and behave!

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Ledin and other things

Posted by hockeyfreak | 16 Jun, 2006

Hi you!

Per Ledin,you remember him?One of the 2 men who
showed a new way of celebrating,has signed a contract
with Columbus Blue Jackets.(You can't take him with you Per).

That means he's leaving Färjestad.

Per Ledin,Emil Kåberg

I have a few things on my mind.If you are interested in
Junior Hockey i have a site for you,i will also write a little about
it on my new site later on.You can find the link here:JuniorHockey

And also,if you'd like to buy souvenirs,which i'm sure u want too
*s*,i will link to that too SouvenirsTreKronor

Bye for now!

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Posted by hockeyfreak | 16 Jun, 2006

Hello everyone!

Sweden beat Paraguay 1-0 so that is what i will give you,1 name.
I don't even like that game,soccer but still watched it.It's strange though,in school i learned that "fotboll" (swedish) is football in english.It was not until years later someone told me-that's not football that's soccer.
Duh me.

Richard Lintner has signed a contract with Skellefteå AIK.He has played in all kinds of leagues,i know him from Djurgården.He has also played in Modo (Sweden) and NHL.

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Hot news

Posted by hockeyfreak | 13 Jun, 2006


Not hot news really but i have news and it's very hot here.
I am building a website that will contain more information then this blog.
It takes a while but i will put the addy here before summer is
over anyway.More information,statistics and also a little history etc.
I hope you will like it.

Luleå is getting an other player.It's a czech player named Martin
Chabada,29.He's from HC Sparta Prag

Johannes Salmonsson,20 had an offer from Pittsburgh Penguins
but said no,he will stay in Brynäs.(That's good,turn them down hehe)

I wish you all a very good summer,i'll be around.

News news

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Jun, 2006

Hope you did not miss me too much *whatever* :)
Before i forget:Btw Carolina,ahem....again.

Niklas Sundström,31,leaves Montreal Canadiens and moves
back to MODO after 10 seasons in NHL.

Nicklas Danielsson said no to Vancouver Canucks,he will
stay in Djurgården after all.That's right,don't leave until i say so!

Robert Kristan,23 (goalkeeper) who represented Slovenia in
Riga signed a contract with Brynäs.1 leaving an other one coming.

Goodnite everyone


Posted by hockeyfreak | 6 Jun, 2006

Hi everyone out there!

Today it's national day here in Sweden,so rise and shine,time to
sing the National Anthem :) And it's 060606,anything could
happen today!

Just a quickie before i have breakfast:

Lance Ward,28 from Canada has signed for HV71.He has
recently played in AHL-team Binghamton Senators.
(Funny name,Binghamton *s*).

See u in a little while.

A bit behind

Posted by hockeyfreak | 3 Jun, 2006

Yes i'm a bit behind,computer is acting up.Hope everyone is doing well. Watched an old movie here today:Romancing the stone,pretty good one.

If i haven't mentioned it yet my favourite (always having problems with that word,favorite or favourite) team is Djurgårdens If.Why i say this now it's because it's their turn.

They lose 1 player maybe 2.One of them is the norwegian forward Patrick Thoresen who signed for Edmonton Oilers.
(I Did sign a namelist,a list for people wanting him to stay,first time i did that).He has played junior hockey in the league QMJHL.
The other player who has not even played 1 game with Djurgården yet,Nicklas Danielsson has an offer from Vancouver Canucks,we'll see what happens with that.

Bye for now!

Some News 2

Posted by hockeyfreak | 1 Jun, 2006

Hi all you hockeylovers ! There's no summer where i live right now(rain,rain) so what could be better then reading about people coming and going.

Jonas Nordquist,Luleå is off to play with Chicago Blackhawks.
Mora signed a contract with Tomas Harant.He played for Slovakia during WC in Riga and has recently played for the czech team Ceské Budejovice.
HV71 found a replacement for Stefan Liv.It's the canadian goalkeeper Scott Langkow,31.

It's settled now.Fredrik Norrena will leave Linköping to play in Tampa Bay Lightning.
Brynäs loses Jonas Almtorp to Edmonton.

Jan Hammar,32,an other swede to go play in Comet (Norway).Last season he played in Cortina and before that in Malmö.

Have a nice day :)


Posted by hockeyfreak | 29 May, 2006

Goalies are leaving but don't worry we have more :)

Will Fredrik Norrena leave Linköping?
Nothing is settled yet but it looks like he's going to Tampa Bay.

Stefan Liv is already signed up with Detroit Red Wings and Johan "Honken" Holmquist,Brynäs and Karol Krizan,Modo is chased by several NHL-teams (thiefs lol).

Elitserien (Elite League) has a new headsponsor for the next 3 years,Telenor.More hockey in your cellphones.Does anyone ever read the commercials anyway when you go see a game.

It's different if u watch tv,commercial breaks in the middle of something kinda slaps you in the face.Almost get heartattack from the sound being so much louder then the show you were watching.I mean if it's hockey nothing else arround you excists right?

Have a nice day!


Posted by hockeyfreak | 26 May, 2006

Ok they heard me,they gave something back lol.

Chris Kelleher,31 from AHL will be playing in Linköping.
He has signed a 1-year contract.


The norwegian player Morten Ask,26 has signed a contract
with Djurgården.And André Mattsson will leave them to play for Comet in Norway.

See u later :)

An other one and an other one

Posted by hockeyfreak | 26 May, 2006

I hope i don't have to sit here everyday and see all our players take off to NHL.Give us some back damnit! From now on i'm going to use the excellent word:Thief.

Joel Lundquist (Frölunda) is off to Dallas Stars a 3-year contract. His twinbrother Henrik already plays in New York Rangers.

Daniel Widing (Brynäs) signed a contract with Nashville Predators.

So the thiefs today are Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators.

Have a nice day :)

A little bit of everything

Posted by hockeyfreak | 23 May, 2006

Are you all tired of celebrating? Good...Here is some good reading.

The teams in Swedens Elitserien now has stronger economy then ever.Out of 14 teams 11 shows a profit of 47 million (swedish crones of course).The big winners are Frölunda,HV71 and Färjestad who pulled in 38 million during the season.

HV:s goalkeeper Stefan Liv is going to sign a contract for NHL,Detroit.It's a 1 year contract.

Janne Houkko (Södertälje) will play for Leksand this season.

Jesse Niinimäki will play for Luleå,a 2-year contract.

HV71:s Peter Ekelund,35 has decided to quit playing hockey.He has also played in Bülach (Switzerland) and Cortina (Italy).

Bengt-Åke Gustafsson,how cool it would be if he becomes the first swede to coach an NHL-team.He's da man.

Have a nice day all :)

Some news

Posted by hockeyfreak | 18 May, 2006

Luleå is changing clothes too.From black to red but with the same design.They will also have a yellow retrosweater (going back to my roots *s*) that looks like the one the team had during the debute-season in the Elitserie.

Skellefteå recruits the 28-year old goalkeeper Dave Stathos who has played in Lahti Pelicans.

HV71:s player Johan Halvardsson wont be playing for them.He's off to NHL and New York Islanders.

Changing clothes

Posted by hockeyfreak | 16 May, 2006

Färjestad is changing clothes.From purple/yellow to black/white.

What a shame,i've always liked purple.