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Posted by hockeyfreak | 21 May, 2006
I be back later!

4-0 after second period

Posted by hockeyfreak | 21 May, 2006
Can we start hoping? :)

Jörgen Jönsson

Posted by hockeyfreak | 21 May, 2006

If Sweden wins today,Jörgen Jönsson will be the first one to win 3 goldmedals same season.Olympics,Swedish League and (hopefully then) World Championship.

Wouldnt that be great? :)

Go Sweden Go

Posted by hockeyfreak | 21 May, 2006

Canada-Sweden 4-5

Posted by hockeyfreak | 21 May, 2006

Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do...Mika Hannula got match penalty for crosschecking Sidney Crosby so hard he fell to the ice.Hannula wont be playing aganst the Czechs either because of that.

0-1 Niklas Kronwall

0-2 Jörgen Jönsson

1-2 Kyle Calder

1-3 Tony Mårtensson

2-3 Mike Comrie

2-4 Mikael Samuelsson

2-5 Jonas Nordquist

3-5 Sidney Crosby (right before the crosschecking)

4-5 Patrice Bergeron

Player of the game:Sweden:Ronnie Sundin,Canada:Sidney Crosby

I am chocked to see the results to this question in one of our newspapers:Was it right of Mika Hannula to do that crosschecking on Crosby?Either...

Yes:it was revenge for Canadas attack on Peter Forsberg 2004.56% choosed this one.

No:that was unnecessary,it could have cost us the goldgame.44% choosed this one.

My oppinion,so silly to say yes to that!


Posted by hockeyfreak | 20 May, 2006

We did it!I want to thank the swedish commentator Håkan Södergren for keeping my eyes on tv when he said:We can do this!My nerves has been outside my body and i was ready to go into an other room.

We're in the final!

Naughty Boy

Posted by hockeyfreak | 20 May, 2006
Stuart! But thx

Sweden-USA 6-0

Posted by hockeyfreak | 17 May, 2006

Woohoo :) Sweden beat USA 6-0 in quarterfinals and is now on to meet Canada in semi-finals.

I must admit i did not see the whole game,because it was in daytime.(how rude to send hockey during the day..hmmpff)But what i saw was good,a tight defense and a very good play.Mika Hannula scored three goals and was also the player of the game for Sweden.For USA it was Ryan Kesler.

1-0 Mika Hannula

2-0 Mika Hannula

3-0 Mikael Samuelsson

4-0 Kenny Jönsson

5-0 Mika Hannula

6-0 Andreas Karlsson

So,Canada next.Not going to say a word.But if you pass outside my window and get hit by a tv,it could be because Sweden lost *s*

Sweden-Russia 3-3

Posted by hockeyfreak | 15 May, 2006

I think today was a "pain in my stomache" game.Exciting but fun to watch.Have not decided yet if i like the stomach but fun games better then calm games with no action.The first ones leaves you with no chanse of getting a cup of coffee.The second ones you have time to take a bath cause it might be too boring.

Kids would probably want me to watch the calm ones,they think i yell too much!

Well here we go,the goals.Someone might be interested in them too.

0-1 Alexander Ovechkin (i'm so happy i can spell that)

1-1 Mikael Samuelsson (easier one lol)

1-2 Alexei Mikhnov

2-2 Mikael Samuelsson

3-2 Jörgen Jönsson

3-3 Alexei Mikhnov (see they made it easier for me,2 players scored twice)

Slovakia-Sweden 5-2

Posted by hockeyfreak | 14 May, 2006

We lost

This is taken from

"We had to win this game,so in the beginning we set a tone and scored two goals which gave us the juice" Ok so no wonder Sweden lost,poor guys never got anything to drink and they had all the juice they could get!

Well,look at the goals then:

1-0 Marian Hossa

2-0 Martin Cibak

3-0 Rene Vydareny

3-1 Magnus Johansson

3-2 Andreas Karlsson

4-2 Marcel Hossa (havent i heard that last name before) ugghh

5-2 Andrej Kollar

Now,players who has (my english,is it had or have hmm) played in Sweden should not be allowed to get any pucks in our net!

The swedish goalkeeper Daniel Henriksson was dissapointed after the game and said he was no good.Maybe he didnt do his best but who did?

Bye for now.

Sweden-Belarus 4-1

Posted by hockeyfreak | 13 May, 2006

I think we're getting somewhere :)

Happy to beat Belarus after that olympic game back in 2002 in Salt Lake City.

Michael Nylander came from New York,checked in and scooores.

2-0 Jonas Nordquist

3-0 Magnus Johansson 4-0

Per Hållberg

4-1 Sergei Zadelenov (well we gotta give em one right) Sweden is now on second place in group F.

Go Sweden Go!