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Mats Sundin Autograph

Posted by hockeyfreak | 30 Aug, 2006

My son came home today holding up a piece of paper.

He says:Guess what this is?
-Well it looks like an autograph,but i don't know who's autograph it is.
-Look at the number written he says.
-13...Mats...Mats Oneofthegreatestplayeriknow Sundin?
-Where did you get it??
-Well he was on ice with Djurgården today.
You can have it mom.
-Awww,we can have it together i said.
-I have 2 more (big smile from him).
-Okkk lol.Thank you very very much!!

That's so great,big players takes time for the younger ones even though Mats was in a hurry.

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Too hot to think

Posted by hockeyfreak | 4 Jul, 2006
Hi beautiful people.

It is too hot to think in swedish,even harder for me with english.Maybe i should try chinese.Keeping one eye on Germany-Italy playing.I hope
Germany wins because:i think Portugal will win tomorrow and i don't want to see a final between Italy-Portugal.

Oh i forgot,this is a hockeyblog hehe.Not much to write about right now except for all the drafts but others do that much better then me.

I will write later today,a little about the leagues here.I'm curious about one thing though.Junior hockey in Sweden,the hockeyseason does not really end just because it's summer.My son practice a whole lot and he's 12 years old.

I'm interested how much the young ones practice in other countries.
If someone has the time i'd appreciate very much to get some info about it,maybe in a mail.Some think they practice too much and too hard.But i believe if they are having fun doing it they can accomplish more than we think.

Bye for now.

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Farmer vs hockeyplayer

Posted by hockeyfreak | 26 Jun, 2006

There's a tv show here in Sweden,it's one of reality-tv things.
"Farmer seeks wife".They advertise it with the words:
Who do you want for a pet?
And there are pictures of the pets...i mean the men,so you
can take a good look at them.

Now tell me,whats wrong with this:
"Hockeyplayer seeks wife".Who do you want,one who scores
everytime or one who doesn't?

One hell of a show that could be.

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Semi-final and ESC

Posted by hockeyfreak | 19 May, 2006

Imagine the following scenario.An ordinary saturday.Semi-final in hockey WC and Eurovision Song Contest.

Semi starts at 8 pm,ESC at 9 pm.Daughter wants to see ESC,son wants to watch hockey.Mom wants to see both!If there were a dad in this household there would be a tv-war.I mean what are they thinking,this could actually split up families!

Well the dilemma is solved,kids are going away over the weekend to their grannies hehe.So i choose,hmm,let me think.Lets see now...

If i had to think about it i dont think i would have made this blog lol.

:) :) :)


Posted by hockeyfreak | 1 May, 2006

My son has been playing hockey since he was about 3 or 4 years of age.Well at first it was more like teaching him to skate.But now he's real good.

I asked him a few years ago:
-What do you want to be when you grow up?
-A hockeypro.
-I see,well what if you can't be,then what do you wish to be?
-A hockeypro.

Damn i like that about my son,he's got his mind set up on
something,then that's the way it's gonna be!