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The Gold and celebrating

Posted by hockeyfreak | 30 Apr, 2006

The pictures of 2 swedish halfnaked celebrating hockeyplayers got the following comment on Jez Golbez site:

"Let's just remember that while this may seem very strange to us, I'm sure it's perfectly normal and acceptable behaviour in Sweden."

To all of you out there who got really worried and concerned for us swedes now,i promise you.
This is not an everyday thing over here.
This is a new way to get more women to see hockey,
with a promise this was a first time but not the last.
I mean come on,who would say no to them,ahem.

For all those who know i am just joking a bit here but is still dying to see them there's a link to Jez's site.

Season 2005-2006

Posted by hockeyfreak | 29 Apr, 2006

Since the season is over i wont put any numbers,only the place they came in.

1 HV 71
2 Frölunda
3 Linköping
4 Färjestad
5 Luleå
7 Brynäs
8 Mora
9 Timrå
10 Djurgården
11 Södertälje
12 Leksand

And tada:Färjestad won the goldmedals after beating Frölunda with 4-2 in games in the finals.Congrats!

And i guess you have all seen the picture of the 2 handsome men starting a debate over here.If you havent you missed something,rooaarr.

psstt personally i thought the wrong team won but hush *s*