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Ceska Pojistovna Cup Winners

Posted by hockeyfreak | 4 Sep, 2006

As some of you know i've had a really bad cold here with high fever and yesterday i thought i was feeling better.I guess i wasn't,i slept through both games lol.
After i read B-Å Gustafsson saying that Finland ate us during first period i believe i didn't miss much.
Hope we tasted well %¤#"%&/"¤%¤ ,rats! hehe.

And Russia (who won Euro Hockey Tour last year)
won not only the game against the czechs but also
Ceska Cup.

Sunday 3rd:
Sweden-Finland 2-3
Czech Republic-Russia 3-4

1. Russia, 8 PTS
2. Finland, 4 PTS
3. Sweden, 4 PTS
4. Czech Republic, 2 PTS

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Ceska Pojistovna Cup Here we go

Posted by hockeyfreak | 31 Aug, 2006

Cup of coffee (yes coffee no beer lol),TV,Sweden-Russia.Here we go!

After 2 periods Sweden-Russia 3-2.In my oppinion not a very good game and too many minutes in the penaltybox.Russia had a penalty shot which lead to nothing,phew.

After third period it's 3-3.Awe we lost 3-4.Sweden can do more than this,saturday beat the Czechs

The other game between Czech Republic and Finland is finished.
The Czechs won with 2-1.

Ceska Pojistovna Cup More Info

Posted by hockeyfreak | 25 Aug, 2006

Here is the swedish team for the cup

Edit.Jan Sandström not playing cause of injury.
Sanny Lindström, Timrå IK takes his place.

Joakim Eriksson,Linköping plays instead of
Andreas Johansson,Färjestad.

David Petrasek replaces an injured Sanny Lindström.

Johan Backlund, Timrå
Daniel Henriksson, Färjestad

Anton Strålman, Timrå
Hans Jonsson Modo
Magnus Johansson, Linköping
Jan Sandström, Luleå
Andreas Holmqvist, Linköping
Kenny Jönsson, Rögle
Tobias Viklund, Modo
Tony Mårtensson, Linköping
Sanny Lindström, Timrå IK

Andreas Johansson, Färjestad
Karl Fabricius, Luleå
Mathias Månsson, Brynäs
Per Hallin, Timrå
Nicklas Bäckström, Brynäs
Fredrik Emvall, Linköping
Kenneth Bergqvist, Mora
Mika Hannula, HV71
Johan Davidsson, HV71
Stefan Pettersson, HV71
Fredrik Warg, Timrå

You can still go to and read about the cup.
And i hope they will have results there too,otherwise i'll come back
with more info on that.

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Ceska Pojistovna Cup

Posted by hockeyfreak | 20 Aug, 2006
Ceska Pojistovna Cup is coming up.Will be played 31/8-3/9.
It's the first of 4 tournaments included in Euro Hockey Tour.
With Sweden,Finland,Russia and Czech Republic.

More information about the cup can be found at Swehockey

Go Sweden go! :)

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