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TV-Pucken Part II

Posted by hockeyfreak | 10 Sep, 2006

Games has been played all weekend with lots and lots of goals.Numbers like 9-0,12-0 etc!

Teams qualified for quarterfinals are:

Stockholm Vit

Quarterfinals are being played 22/9.Semifinals 23/9 and final 24/9.
These games can also be followed online at statsswehockey

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Nordic Trophy Winners

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Sep, 2006

Färjestad won Nordic Trophy 2006 by beating Kärpät in the final 5-1
(2-0,1-0,2-1).First goal came already after 12 seconds!
4.000 people saw the game in Löfbergs Lila Arena.

Ain't nothing stopping these guys huh...
Congrats Färjestad!!

Picture from FärjestadsBK (Shop) till you drop lol.

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Posted by hockeyfreak | 7 Sep, 2006
We have something here called TV-Pucken.It's a national tournament for boys at the age of 16.They changed it a couple of years ago from 15 to 16.

Many people think we shouldn't have it anymore.For many young players it's a catastrophe not to be choosen and some of them probably quit playing because of it.
Others wants it to remain,they consider it to be an important goal for those who really wish to go in for hockey.

I wonder why they still call it TV-Pucken btw,only the semifinals and the final is on television.They used to show all the games.

More info about it here

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Milan and Paul

Posted by hockeyfreak | 6 Sep, 2006
Malmö Redhawks has signed a 1-year contract with the slovakian player Milan Bartovic,25.Last season he played 24 games with Chicago Blackhawks.

Linköpings HC signed contract with the canadian player Paul Healy,31.He played 2 games with Colorado Avalanche and 59 games with AHL-team Lowell Lock Monster last season.

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Todays Nordic Trophy

Posted by hockeyfreak | 5 Sep, 2006

4.136 people (yes i have a big family) saw Djurgården win against Frölunda today.It was a good game,entertaining with fast game.It wasn't enough though for them to reach finals.They had to take 1 more point than Kärpät or 2 more points than Färjestad which they didn't.Both Kärpät and Färjestad won their games.

I think Frölundas Jonas Ahnelöv must have broken a finger in a fight,it sure seemed to be pointing in the wrong direction.Didn't look nice at all.

I asked my son who he thought was the best player in Djurgården today and he picked Martin Lindman.

Finals on September 9th Färjestad-Kärpät.

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Ceska Pojistovna Cup Winners

Posted by hockeyfreak | 4 Sep, 2006

As some of you know i've had a really bad cold here with high fever and yesterday i thought i was feeling better.I guess i wasn't,i slept through both games lol.
After i read B-Å Gustafsson saying that Finland ate us during first period i believe i didn't miss much.
Hope we tasted well %¤#"%&/"¤%¤ ,rats! hehe.

And Russia (who won Euro Hockey Tour last year)
won not only the game against the czechs but also
Ceska Cup.

Sunday 3rd:
Sweden-Finland 2-3
Czech Republic-Russia 3-4

1. Russia, 8 PTS
2. Finland, 4 PTS
3. Sweden, 4 PTS
4. Czech Republic, 2 PTS

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Update on website

Posted by hockeyfreak | 1 Sep, 2006

Ok where is everybody *s*.I've updated on my website and will do more later today.Added info on Euro Hockey Tour.I need criticism,good or bad so i know how to improve.I know i have visitors from all over the world so plz write a few words and i'll buy you coffee :)

You can also search for players on the site through hockeydb.

Don't forget Nordic Trophy.HIFK-Tappara is playing today,we have
Tappara-Kärpät 4/9.The 5th i'm going to see Djurgården beat Frölunda at Hovet!

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