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Ceska Pojistovna Cup Here we go

Posted by hockeyfreak | 31 Aug, 2006

Cup of coffee (yes coffee no beer lol),TV,Sweden-Russia.Here we go!

After 2 periods Sweden-Russia 3-2.In my oppinion not a very good game and too many minutes in the penaltybox.Russia had a penalty shot which lead to nothing,phew.

After third period it's 3-3.Awe we lost 3-4.Sweden can do more than this,saturday beat the Czechs

The other game between Czech Republic and Finland is finished.
The Czechs won with 2-1.

Nordic Trophy standings and games

Posted by hockeyfreak | 30 Aug, 2006
Not so many games left in Nordic Trophy.

1/9 HIFK- Tappara
4/9 Tappara-Kärpät
5/9 Djurgården-Frölunda


Färjestad 10 PTS
Djurgården 9 PTS
Kärpät 7 PTS
Linköping 7 PTS
Frölunda 6 PTS
Tappara 5 PTS

Final is being played 9/9.

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Mats Sundin Autograph

Posted by hockeyfreak | 30 Aug, 2006

My son came home today holding up a piece of paper.

He says:Guess what this is?
-Well it looks like an autograph,but i don't know who's autograph it is.
-Look at the number written he says.
-13...Mats...Mats Oneofthegreatestplayeriknow Sundin?
-Where did you get it??
-Well he was on ice with Djurgården today.
You can have it mom.
-Awww,we can have it together i said.
-I have 2 more (big smile from him).
-Okkk lol.Thank you very very much!!

That's so great,big players takes time for the younger ones even though Mats was in a hurry.

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Jan Hrdina

Posted by hockeyfreak | 29 Aug, 2006

Oh my.

Jan Hrdina,30,is going to play with HV71.
It's going to be interesting to follow him.

Edit 30/8.Seriously,i'll say it again,interesting to follow him.He will
be one of the highest payed players since Elitserien started.
460.000 swedish crones... a month no taxes!

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Posted by hockeyfreak | 28 Aug, 2006

I'd like to give you a link to a person,Goalie Gal who plays hockey,watch hockey,writes about it and is also interested in European Hockey.
So she's there with her swedish dictionary and i'm struggling with my english dict.
(Forgive her for being a HV-fan and also roots for Frölunda).Get that pen working Lauren lol.

More women to the hockeyblogs ty. :)

Lauren when you see this go here,if you can't see them on youtube
maybe you can there :) I'm going to keep that blog as well to write about other stuff.
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Posted by hockeyfreak | 28 Aug, 2006

I'm really curious why people have blogs,allowing comments but never takes the time to answer.It's like having a blog with a built in forum.Take our biggest newspaper here for instance,with a sportjournalist named Tomas Ros,owner of a hockeyblog.He approves the comments manually but doesn't answer.

Isn't it better to just write an article instead and people can go on discussing in a forum and help each other out?

But then again,maybe it's just me,i've always considered it being rude ignoring the readers over and over again.

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Ceska Pojistovna Cup More Info

Posted by hockeyfreak | 25 Aug, 2006

Here is the swedish team for the cup

Edit.Jan Sandström not playing cause of injury.
Sanny Lindström, Timrå IK takes his place.

Joakim Eriksson,Linköping plays instead of
Andreas Johansson,Färjestad.

David Petrasek replaces an injured Sanny Lindström.

Johan Backlund, Timrå
Daniel Henriksson, Färjestad

Anton Strålman, Timrå
Hans Jonsson Modo
Magnus Johansson, Linköping
Jan Sandström, Luleå
Andreas Holmqvist, Linköping
Kenny Jönsson, Rögle
Tobias Viklund, Modo
Tony Mårtensson, Linköping
Sanny Lindström, Timrå IK

Andreas Johansson, Färjestad
Karl Fabricius, Luleå
Mathias Månsson, Brynäs
Per Hallin, Timrå
Nicklas Bäckström, Brynäs
Fredrik Emvall, Linköping
Kenneth Bergqvist, Mora
Mika Hannula, HV71
Johan Davidsson, HV71
Stefan Pettersson, HV71
Fredrik Warg, Timrå

You can still go to and read about the cup.
And i hope they will have results there too,otherwise i'll come back
with more info on that.

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Ceska Pojistovna Cup

Posted by hockeyfreak | 20 Aug, 2006
Ceska Pojistovna Cup is coming up.Will be played 31/8-3/9.
It's the first of 4 tournaments included in Euro Hockey Tour.
With Sweden,Finland,Russia and Czech Republic.

More information about the cup can be found at Swehockey

Go Sweden go! :)

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Hockeysticks and confusing conversations

Posted by hockeyfreak | 20 Aug, 2006

Confusing conversations with son.

My son came out in the kitchen with 2 hockeysticks.
I had never seen them before so i asked
-Are these new?
-No,they are made of wood.
-Uh huh.

An other time i was on phone with him.I asked
if they had been riding the motorbike yet.
-No,it needs to be fixed first.
-Oh it's broken?
-No,it's antique.

When i'm at it i'll throw in this conversation with my daughter as well,
nothing to do with hockey though.(Conversation,ha)
Me trying to wake her up in the morning:
-Honey,wake up.Kissing her on the cheek.
-It's 7 am and you need to get up.
-What do you want for breakfast?
-jeuindloeij (something)
-huh? do you want a sandwich to go with that? (Starting to smile here)
-(Big kiss)you really need to wake up now or you will be late
-yes mmmm
-You need to get up and go to that school.(we can see the school from our window).Omg,they just burned down the whole school!!!
Opening her eyes just a little bit,looking at me.Goes mmm again,close
her eyes.
I gave up,i went in the kitchen and started laughing.10 minutes later,
no problem waking her.

Bye :)

Ryan,Martin and Tomas

Posted by hockeyfreak | 19 Aug, 2006

Some news in thehockeyworld.

Frölunda Indians has signed a 1-year contract with the
slovakian player Martin Cibak,26.
Last season he played 65 games with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Became Stanley Cup-champion 2004 with Tampa.

Mora signed contract with the canadian player Ryan Jardine,26.
Last season he played with Hamburg Freezers (Germany)
Has played mostly in AHL.NHL 8 games (Florida Panthers).

Luleå HF signed contract with Tomas Surovy,25 who recently
played in AHL.
He also did 126 NHL-games with Pittsburgh.

I wish them all gl in their new teams.I feel like being nice today.

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Players come and go

Posted by hockeyfreak | 15 Aug, 2006
Hi beautiful people

Finally the rain has come and it's not so hot here anymore.
Even the junior players are on ice now.
We can begin the countdown if you haven't already...
Off to Malmö.

Well,i'm not going there but Andrej is.
Andrej Nedorost,26,has signed a 1-year contract with Malmö Redhawks.
Last season he played both in Hamburg (36 games) and also in Karlovy Vary (5 games).
Played 28 games in NHL (Columbo Blue Jackets)

Jonas Soling,28,will not be playing with Linköpings HC next season.He's been looking for other alternatives since he doesn't get enough time on ice.Maybe he will show up in an other team in Elitserien.

Jonathan Hedström,28,signed a 4-year contract with Timrå IK.
He played there 2004/2005.
Last season he played in NHL (Anaheim Mighty Ducks).

That's all from me except i think you should look at Ingmars blog about some mf:s playing golf.He cusses a lot (which i never do...of course not) but he has cool pictures.

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Memorial Cup Ivan Hlinka

Posted by hockeyfreak | 11 Aug, 2006

Edit 11/8.They don't seem to be updating so fast.I have 3 results
from yesterdays game,all i found.
Switzerland-Sweden 3-5
Slovakia-Canada 1-4
Czech Republic-USA 3-4

A lot of people seems to be looking for Memorial Cup of Ivan Hlinka.

I assume you want to know the results.Not easy to find them but i
found a site that has results and you can also follow the games online.
SZ´LH ,and Swehockey has results too.

The games that were played 8th of Aug.

Canada-Switzerland 5-3
USA-Finland 3-2
Slovakia-Sweden 1-2

Bye for now.

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Hockey and church?

Posted by hockeyfreak | 10 Aug, 2006

In this paper Dagen you can read that Leksands hockeyschool goes to church.Since it's in swedish i will write a little about what it says then say what i thought when i read it.
The swedish church and Leksands hockeyschool has co-operated for 10 years.The church has a project called "100 percent".
They work together with the kids so that they will get to know each other better,to be a good friend and learn how to co-operate both off and on ice.

Sofie (who works with these kids) say that she doesn't think that they contribute anything that the coaches could not teach.They don't talk about God.

Johan Hedberg is there to tell them how he,in their age worked hard to reach the goals of his dreams-to play in NHL.
Now i don't have anything against this.What i'm wondering
though is why the church is involved.
There should be time to talk about these issues on the camp.
Since i understand from reading this these are older kids who probably plays hockey or plan on doing so.And when they do,
they learn these things from the coaches.

The kids in lots of schools here can't go to church anymore at
breaking-up day because we have people from many countries here with an other religion and it would be wrong to them.I think it's sad
but i'm fine with it.
Some schools do not sing our national anthem for the same reason.Having a swedish flag is not good either.

So what is the difference between kids in school and
kids that plays hockey.
Are there no kids in hockeyschool that has an other religion?
I myself don't believe in God but i do think it's very nice to have a swedish flag to show that i'm proud of my country.I like to sing the national anthem for the same reason.For all of us swedes,everyone who lives here no matter what religion they are.
And i want our kids to go to church,yes,i don't believe and maybe lots of other parents don't either but i want to give the kids a chanse to choose themselves.Besides it's wonderful to just be in church,it's beautiful,the sound is great etc.

So i'm really curious about why they do this in church,what they do if a
player has an other religion and what the difference is between the kids that can and can't.

Bye for now.

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Added my blog to competition "Blog of the year"

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Aug, 2006

If you like my blog you can vote for me.If you don't like it i want you
to know that i'm willing to use the hammer lieing next to me...errr i mean just skip this then :)

It said i could link to "my" page also so i will do that

Take care out there.

Nordic Trophy starts

Posted by hockeyfreak | 7 Aug, 2006

Hi everyone!

Nordic Trophy starts tomorrow.The first teams
to play are:


Read more about Nordic Trophy or see the results

May the best team win...

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