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Ross Lupaschuk

Posted by hockeyfreak | 31 Jul, 2006

Malmö Redhawks signed contract with the canadian player Ross Lupaschuk,25.He played in Mora last season where he was the best defenseman with 31 points.Here's where that russian muffin come in
again,hehe,with 168 minutes in the penaltybox.

Tc :)

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Johnny Oduya

Posted by hockeyfreak | 26 Jul, 2006

New Jersey Devils has signed a contract with Johnny Oduya (Frölunda).

He has also played in Djurgården where he was considered
being a little of a ruffian.
(Is that really a word,found it in my excellent dict.sounds more
like a russian muffin lol.)

Have a nice day!

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Rickard Wallin

Posted by hockeyfreak | 23 Jul, 2006

Hello out there!

Hope you're having a wonderful time with lots of sun...We got down
to the lake earlier today just in time to get struck by lightning.Ok,not
really but my timing is not always perfect.

Switzerland is fortunate to have a Färjestads-player coming to play in
Lugano,Rickard Wallin,26.They have signed a 1-year contract with him.He will team up with players such as Jukka Hentunen from Finland and the american Landon Wilsom.

Take care for now :)

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Robert Döme

Posted by hockeyfreak | 18 Jul, 2006
Robert Döme,27,slovakian player signed contract with MODO.
He has played in SSK and NHL (Pittsburgh Penguins).
It's a 2-year contract.
Last season he played in Nürnberg Ice Tigers (Germany).

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Posted by hockeyfreak | 14 Jul, 2006

Interesting.When you search on Google you can
end up just anywhere.
Someone found me when searching for
"Sweden and beautiful people".

Well,what can i say,they came to the right place.


Nordic Trophy

Posted by hockeyfreak | 14 Jul, 2006
Hi everyone.

There's a tourney coming up in a month,called Nordic Trophy.
I'm counting on you all to be here cause i know you're all dying
to see Sweden against Finland,right?

Now i have almost just started my website,it's far from done
but i wrote a little about this tourney,you can find it here

I was thinking earlier,yes i was,many times when i'm watching a hockeygame on Tv i turn off the sound and put on the radio instead and listen to the commentators (hope that's the right word) instead.
Get more into the game,feel the excitement,yell a little (a lot).

Off i go,take care out there.

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Jiri Becik

Posted by hockeyfreak | 13 Jul, 2006

Bloggsite had a servercrash,i'm so happy my posts are still here.
Except for the last one i wrote but i have it here.

Brynäs gets a new player.They signed a 1 year contract with Jiri
Bicek,28 (Slovakia).Bicek played with Leksand last season
where he made 28 points in 50 games.

He has also played in NHL (New Jersey Devils).Wonder why they call themselves devils,perhaps someone can tell me.

Speaking of tell me,i'm still asking pretty plz if anyone could send me,(does not have to be much written) a little about how much juniorplayers practice in other countries.

Hej då (bye) :)

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Jens Karlsson

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Jul, 2006

HV71:s Jens Karlsson,23,signed a contract with the german DEL-team Iserlohner Rooster.It's a 1 year contract.
He made a total of 17 points in 45 games last season.
He has also played in Frölunda.

From Sweden to Germany.My family's from Germany way back.Never been there though but maybe one day.My son is learning german in school at the moment,it's very similar to our language.

Bye for now!

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Added a category

Posted by hockeyfreak | 9 Jul, 2006

I added a category because i get what i call cross-thoughts.Not cross-checking,cross-thoughts.These are things that pops up when i am writing my posts here sometimes.(Well i write my posts everytime but anyway).Omg,i am in such a giggling mood today.And...these thoughts are really not about hockey that's why i post them here so you can easily avoid them.

It's morning and i was writing about Jens Karlsson.And the name Jens brought me back to our Swedish Idol.You know,like American Idol where people sing and hope to be famous.There's always (never fails) someone who sticks out a bit.Can be someone who really can't sing or someone who's aware of that he/she can't sing but wants to be on TV.
That's where Jens comes in.Cute little guy,girls probably like him a lot.But the voice...

Anyway this Jens,he kept hanging in there.Other ones who could really sing they kept on going home,bye bye see ya.

Jens stayed.

And the longer he stayed i think most of us got more and more pissed and wondered what the h... is going on here.

It turned out to be this way,they had started a "Save Jens-campaign" on the net.To keep him in the program because a lot of people disliked a person in the jury and wanted to get to him.They wanted a real crappy singer to win so he would make less money on the cd:s cause noone would buy them.Obviously they had a lot of people voting for him.
Poor Jens,poor us.

What i wanted to say with this is that i started to really dislike that name lol,called him Jöns (silly).Well the show is over and my favorite won.

2006 Memorial of Ivan Hlinka

Posted by hockeyfreak | 7 Jul, 2006

2006 Memorial Cup of Ivan Hlinka will be held at 8-12th of August.
Team 18:s headcoach Lars Lindgren has picked the team now.

They mention that the players in this team are short.
What's wrong with short,skate fast,between the other players legs then score.Piece of cake!

Reminds me of a friend in school.She was very short,they used to tease her and say:"You are so short you have to stand on your toes to reach the carpet".

Anyway,you can find the Team 18 for the cup here,at the bottom of the page.

See u!

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Thomas Harant and more

Posted by hockeyfreak | 5 Jul, 2006

I wrote about Thomas Harant before,now he's leaving Mora to play in NHL instead.But Mora found a replacement in the czech player Miroslav Blatak.

HV71 loses 2 players to NHL.Andreas Karlsson,31 (Tampa Bay)
and Lars Jonsson,24 (Philadelphia Flyers).

And now to what i think will be a great player for Frölunda Indians.
Paul Kariyas brother Steve,28,signed contract with them.
Kariya played last 2 seasons in Finland (Ilves Tampere and Espoo Blues).

Take care :)

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Too hot to think

Posted by hockeyfreak | 4 Jul, 2006
Hi beautiful people.

It is too hot to think in swedish,even harder for me with english.Maybe i should try chinese.Keeping one eye on Germany-Italy playing.I hope
Germany wins because:i think Portugal will win tomorrow and i don't want to see a final between Italy-Portugal.

Oh i forgot,this is a hockeyblog hehe.Not much to write about right now except for all the drafts but others do that much better then me.

I will write later today,a little about the leagues here.I'm curious about one thing though.Junior hockey in Sweden,the hockeyseason does not really end just because it's summer.My son practice a whole lot and he's 12 years old.

I'm interested how much the young ones practice in other countries.
If someone has the time i'd appreciate very much to get some info about it,maybe in a mail.Some think they practice too much and too hard.But i believe if they are having fun doing it they can accomplish more than we think.

Bye for now.

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